Cheap Improvements Landlords and Management Companies Can Do to Draw in Tenants

Not every landlord can make expensive changes to a property in the effort to draw in tenants. Sometimes all that’s needed is a little change to create a big impact on your tenants. Little things like a simple redecoration or a refurbishment can make the world of differences, and they are all fairly inexpensive to do.

Re-painting the Front of the Property

Simple options such as re-painting the front of your property can make the world of differences. It can make your property look brand new- to both passersby and tenants. You need to remember that everyone who walks past your property is a new potential tenant, and the more people that you impress, the more chances you have at securing them. You can hire a maintenance team to paint the property for you. You should aim for white or natural colors, so it appeals to all tastes.

Gardening and Making Scenery Adjustments

Simple things like hanging flower baskets from the side of the door and placing flower beds in the front yard can really make your property stand out. These little changes are really cheap to make, and it can make the front of a property look much nicer. Remember, first impressions are everything and you need to display the potential of your property to your tenants if you want them to rent from you. Be careful not to overdo it, as you don’t want the property to appear over the top to your tenants. A few simple fresh bedded plants are all it needs to lighten the exterior, and they remain a very affordable option for investors.

Don’t Let a Moldy Shower Bring You Down

It is always wise to wash your shower curtain. Shake it down a bit after every shower. A dry curtain keeps mold away. Other times, you can take it off of its hooks while it is dry. Then toss it in the machine with a couple of towels. Doing so allows to curtain to get scrubbed in the wash. Do not change the amount of soap you would use on a cycle that large. The big trick is to a little baking soda, maybe half a cup worth. Use hot water for a gentle cycle. Now you can hang it back up in your bathroom. After all, your shower curtain should now be mold free.

When it comes to the actual shower stall, make sure that you depend on non-toxic mold removal. Spray it all over. Get all of the walls, the floor and even the ceiling if you can reach. Do not be shy. Give it an hour and scrub it all off. Rely on hot water and a hard-bristled brush. Throw out any extra mold removal spray, as it does not maintain its potency.

Another option is to use bleach to clean off mold from your property. It works quicker, because it is much more powerful. Many folks do not like to expose themselves to such a harsh chemical. Those who do not mind using bleach can simply mix it 50-50 with water. Then it can be sprayed all over the walls, floors and ceiling. I little tip for your heart is to keep on the bathroom fan when working with anti-mold bleach.

Actually, keeping the fan running on a regular basis is a fantastic idea. It is a good idea to keep it on while you are taking a shower, as well as 20 minutes or so after you leave the room. The fresh air movement keeps mold and mildew away from the bathroom. So does light. Let as much natural sun in the room as possible. If there is no window in your laboratory, put in an inexpensive lamp to fight off mold.

Too often, homeowners are too late. Their houses, as well as the commercial offices, get covered with horrible mold. Before they even realize it, it is affecting the structure, along with its appearance. At least you can call in a local team of professional water and mold damage specialists to clean up the mess in no time.

Four Occasions Worthy of Hiring A House Cleaning Service

There’s really no way around it: house cleaning is no fun. It’s easy to put off doing or to do a haphazard job. But there are certain things in life for which you truly do need a clean home. Here are the top four reasons to deep clean your home.

1. For a date.
A dirty home can be a real mood killer. Conversely, an immaculately clean and fresh-smelling home can make a fabulous impression on any date. So on the night you think you might invite a new romantic interest to see your abode, why not make sure your home says all the right things too? No matter how the date is going otherwise, a perfectly clean home will leave a permanent impression that you are a tidy person who lives well. Don’t let a dusty rug or grimy bathroom ruin a romantic evening.

2. Before a party.
Nothing is more uncomfortable than walking into a house party where the host didn’t bother to do a deep clean before opening his or her door to a large group of people. One could, of course, argue that a party will dirty a home anyway, necessitating a whole second cleaning afterward. But the truth of the matter is that if you’re going to bother throwing a party, etiquette dictates you must do it in a very clean home – at least at the beginning of the party. Everything unsightly should be put away and your guests should be free to chat and dance without being distracted by mildew growing on your kitchen counter. That’s a buzz kill.

3. After a party.
That thing people say to rationalize inviting a bunch of people to a party in their dirty home? Just because it’s a poor rationalization doesn’t mean it isn’t true. In fact, after a party is another great time to hire a house cleaning service. Cleaning up after your friends can take away that positive glow you got from seeing them at your party. And next time you spend time with those people, you don’t want to be thinking about the dirty cup they left in your sink; you want to be thinking about all the fun you had! Allowing a house cleaning person to take on that task for you can help your friends save some face and maybe even your friendship (depending, of course, on how considerate or inconsiderate they are as party guests).

4. Your own birthday.
Even if you don’t throw a party for yourself in your home, give yourself the gift of a house cleaning session that doesn’t involve you on your knees. This gift really says “self care” in a good way. Today is the day to treat yourself – and a visit from a cleaning service is a gift that will keep on giving for hopefully at least a few days.

There you have it. When any of these four occasions comes along, consider doing yourself a huge favor and giving your domestic environment a boost the easy way